©Joke Leonare

De Nachtwinkel
project from Yana Foqué with IIIW
February 2013 - June 2013

From february 'till june 2013 Yana Foqué, Jozefien Gruyaert and myself owned a nightshop at Veldstraat 69, 2060 Antwerp.

Inspired by the dozen of shops, coming and going around that neighbourhood and the beautiful failed graphic design they use, we decided to start our own in a former nightshop.
Instead of selling Cara Pils and cigarettes we filled the shabby shelves with books, zines, records, tapes of independent publishers and literature about 'the night'. Events took place on a monthly/weekly base.

at 'Closing Time'


23-02 Open Shop
09-03 Kendyshop (by Ruud Ruttens & Eva Vermeiren)
23-03 Verlengd wegens succes
06-04 Nachtbloeiers (with nightblooming plants, in co. with Pascal Raoul &)
27-04 Dark & Stormy (by Bart de Baets & Rustan Söderling)
11-05 Sorry (by Olivier Smets & Gerard Herman)
25-05 Hypnos (Bookpresentation by Jozefien Gruyaert)
01-06 Floris Vanhoof
08-06 Phantom Radio (a radio station by Ine Meganck & Valentijn Goethals)
15-06 Music For Night(shops) 7" Milan W. / Molnbär av John (by Joke Leonare & Yana Foqué)
21-06 Midsummernightshop (Alchemy & Graphic Design) (by Corbin Mahieu)
29-06 Closing time (a -20% discount on stock)