©Joke Leonare

Music for night(shops) 7"
a split single with Milan W. & Molnbär av John

From february 'till june 2013 Yana Foqué, Jozefien Gruyaert and myself (IIIW) owned a Nightshop at Veldstraat 69, 2060 Antwerp. Events took place on a monthly/weekly base.

One of the events was the release of this Music for night(shops) 7" single by Yana and myself.
We asked both Milan Warmoeskerken and John Henriksson to make a piece of music according to that title. It turned out in a somehow modern Nocturne. Milan decided to only make music during nighttime, while John conducted and composed his piece with nighttime and -as always- romance as main subjects.

Side A: by Milan W. (Milan Warmoeskerken)
1. Bolero Night
2. Slow Motion
Side B: Molnbär av John (John Henriksson)
1. Kaikki Loppunu
Mix and master: Bert Aerts at Senstudio
Cover: me and Yana Typo Foqué
Print: Jan Matthé at Risiko Press

Please send me an email if you'd like to purchase.